Ready to Post Toy Savers and Sophie Giraffe Harnesses – Faux Leather Suede

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Ready to Post Toy Savers and Sophie Giraffe Harnesses – Faux Leather Suede

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Product Description:

  • Used to secure toys, cups with handles and teething products within easy reach of baby
  • Handmade from faux leather suede
  • Each chain is made using 4 strands to create a herringbone style flat braid.
  • Each chain length is approximatelty 30-35cm from end to end when layed flat. Long enough to loop around a toy or Sophie La Girafe and for baby to reach, play with and put to their mouth. More than 10cm longer than the dummy clip!
  • Loop at the end to attach to toy by threading chain around it and pulling tight.
  • The braid is petite in width, measuring approximately 0.7-0.8cm, the thinnest within our range.
  • Strong Lead free oval Clip attachment has plastic teeth to prevent damage to material.
  • Clip end of braid is glued together under the tied knots, making it extra strong and secure.
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Comparison of Toy Saver Vs Dummy Clip LengthPictured above: The difference in length between the toy saver and dummy clip. 30cm Toy saver vs 20cm dummy clip. The length of each product best suits each individual purpose.

This product comes with an oval metal clip.


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