This weeks Freebie Friday Prize is…




This weeks Freebie Friday Prize is:

6 dummy clips, pink braided faux leather chain with bamboo bird clip.

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Read on to get all of the product details for this prize:

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Product Description:

cotton dummy clip can be snapped into two lengths to secure the dummy.

Faux leather suede product is a hand braided chain, made using 4 strands to create a herringbone style flat braid
Loop at end to attach to dummy by threading chain around it and pulling tight.

The braid is petite in width, measuring approximately 0.7-0.8cm, the thinnest within our range.

Strong Lead free Clip attachment has plastic teeth to prevent damage to material.

Wooden Bamboo Button Top is securely attached to the metal clip.

Product cannot be varied from what is shown as its already made.

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baby pink braided faux leather dummy clip with bird clip


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