BIBS Dummy recall

Here at Our Little Helpers we are all about creating safe and beautiful baby products. We started creating safe dummy chains first, and now we also stock safe BIBS dummies and teething toys. You can read all about our safety tested dummy clips, teething toys and the BIBS dummy recall below.

BIBS Dummy Recall

We are all seeing the stories popping up in the news about the safety concern with BIBS dummies. Mums around Australia (and the world) have been left feeling very anxious after reading the news stories that say BIBS dummies are a choking risk as they can break apart in their babys mouth. OMG! Say what now?! Even I freaked out when I first read this! And I’ve seen the test results stating they passed all the safety standards! So how does a safe, soothing dummy suddenly go from being perfectly safe to a potential life threatening device? We contacted the Australian distributor (3 Little Birds) immediately and asked this exact question.

I have confirmed the BIBS pacifiers we sell are perfectly safe. We have all the correct packaging, warnings and labels. So you can breath a sigh of relief if you purchased yours with us. Phew!

Are BIBS dummies safe?

The answer to this question is simple. Yes! They are as safe as any other dummy being sold at the moment. But only if you have the correct packaging information!

BIBS dummies have been tested in accordance with Australian Safety Standards and meet all the testing requirements. They are tested as per a huge safety document with the title EU 1400 + A1 and AS 2342 (2015). The Australian standard for consumer good (Babies’ Dummies and dummy Chains) Safety standard 2017. Its a bit of a mouthful huh! If you ever want a bit of ‘light’ reading, you can purchase a copy from SAI Global.  We purchased it to ensure the dummies we sell comply with these important rules and regulations.

So there is no issue with the safety of the actual dummy itself. The pacifier meets all the safety standards that other dummies sold around Australia do. So why the big commotion and use of the big ‘R’ word? Recall scares the pants off of anyone, and it has been recalled for a VERY IMPORTANT reason. The recall is all about the packaging, warnings and care instructions that are meant to come with the dummy. Some BIBS dummies are currently being sold with either no packaging and care information, or a basic version of the correct packaging.

How can this happen?

Store owners and parents were very excited when BIBS Dummies landed in Australia. Parents who were looking for a cherry teat dummy had found the holy grail. Mothers who are breast feeding prefer to use cherry teat dummies as they reduce nipple confusion. The bonus was the BIBS dummies came in gorgeous colours too! The dirstributor, 3 Little Birds did the correct thing and had them tested and also had packaging tested to ensure they complied. Baby stores, such as ours, then purchased the dummies for sale.

But the issue was with purchasing the packaging. 3 Little Birds wasn’t selling them with packaging, so it was up to each store to do the right thing and follow the safety standards guide, the one that has to be purchased, and package them in accordance with safety standards. It has to have all of the correct information and distributor details, name, sizing, expiry dates and batch numbers. It also needs safety warnings and care instructions. This information has to be exact! If its not, they don’t comply with safty standards and are unsafe.

Are all stores now selling the correct packaging?

Stores around Australia and the world are sadly still selling the dummies in a paper bag with no warning or care instructions. Some stores have made their own packaging, like we have, but they haven’t made it correctly and they’ve only given some information. Yep that’s pretty concerning!

The recall has been issued for dummies sold by 3 Little Birds to other stores between 1st May- 22nd december 2018. It was after this date that 3 Little Birds started offereing packaging to purchase with their dummies. So you’d hope stores are now doing the right thing and either purchasing the dummies with packaging to then sell to you, or they’re making their own according to the Australian Safety Standards, as we have always done.

What do I do now?

Parents who would like to purchase dummies or dummy chains must make sure the company has had all appropriate safety testing done, which includes their packaging as well. Here at Our Little Helpers, our dummies and dummy chains and the packagaing that accompany them comply with the strict safety standards. So when you shop with us the you have peace of mind.

Its always important to read and follow the safety information and care instructions closely. It’s also recommended to keep the instructions and packaging and it’s a good idea to show others who will be using the product with your baby, such as their other parent, grandparent and day care staff and any other person who may be caring for your baby. That way its crystal clear to everyone how to use the product and how to use it safely.

If you have purchased a BIBS dummy or even a dummy holder or dummy chain and you’re unsure if it has been tested and passes the safety standards, you can contact ACCC to ask for more information on how to find this out. If your concerned about your BIBS Dummy and the packaging or you’d like further information or clarification around this, you can contact the customer support team at 3 Little Birds via email to ask for the correct information:

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For more information on safety standards for dummies and other baby products, visit SAI global via this link: