Chunky Bead dummy chain – Personalised dummy clips


Personalized Clip Details

If you chose to personalise your clip with a name, please type the name or word to be etched on your clip in the box below. This cannot be more than 7 letters long.


Chunky Bead Dummy Chains – Personalised dummy clips

Our Chunky beaded dummy clips help to keep your baby’s dummy clean and within reach. Finally! No more dropped dummy! No more bending down with baby in arms to retrieve it from the dirty ground to wash it and start again!

Our personalised dummy chains are light weight, so it wont pull the dummy from your baby’s mouth. Our dummy clips are the smallest and incredibly strong, with all metal components imported from Germany. We etch your baby’s’ name or the design in the wood using a laser cutter and hand make all of it right here in Australia with our growing team of mums.

We have designed the entire product from scratch and created only the best for your babes! No cheap or flimsy products from International sweat shops! Nothing mass produced. This is the reason our chains are THE BEST and make the perfect baby essential and the most beautiful and thoughtful baby gift. Don’t take our word for it, you can also read over a thousand 5 star rave reviews via our Etsy store

We have had our personalised dummy clips have been laboratory tested to ensure they are safe for your baby. Our completed dummy clips and completed dummy chains have undergone strict testing and have passed. You can feel confident knowing you are purchasing a safe dummy chain from us.

Your wooden dummy clip can be personalized with your baby’s name or may also be left plain. Or maybe you’d like one of our cute ‘ready to post’ designs. Our personalized dummy clips are the cutest addition to your baby’s outfit. No more large and ugly dummy chains!

Chunky Beaded Dummy Clip Specifications

Our Chunky Beaded Dummy Chains have beads that are approximately 1.5cm wide. We make them using raw wooden beech wood, silicone coloured beads and a 1cm varnished wooden safety bead. Our beads are made from non-toxic materials and food grade silicone and are safe for babies and children. Our chunky dummy chains weigh 23grams, equivalent to 5 grapes!

All of our personalised dummy chains can be matched with a BIBS colour dummy. If you would like help with matching your colours, email us and we can help.

We also have petite beaded chains if you prefer something thinner.

In addition, You can read about the development of our unique dummy clip design , dummy chain safety standards and testing requirements here.

Dummy Clip Safety and Care

Above all, safety of your baby is our number one priority. Please read our safety and care page for instructions while using this product here.

You can read more about Australian legislation and safety standards here.

Waterproof Travel Bag

Our waterproof travel bags are brilliant for storing your Dummies and dummy chains and anything else you want to put in it for when your out and about.

Our bags come in two sizes, small and medium, allowing you to store anything essential for your nappy bag that you want to keep separate or clean.

Waterproof PUL material lines each bag so you can also store damp products.

The small bag is bag is approximately 19cm x 14cm with one zipper.

The medium travel bag is approximately 20cm x 25cm, with two pockets with zippers, therefore you can keep things separated if needed.  You can hang the bag from your pram or carry it with ease with the inclusion of a handle on this size bag.

Our waterproof travel bags are both the perfect size for you to carry, store them in your nappy bag, back pack, or under the pram.

 It is available in stylish and gender neutral black, perfect for him and her.  The colours will not run when machine washed with your regular washing. Air dry only, do not dry in dryer or in hot sun as this can damage the waterproof lining.


We will make and post your personalized dummy clips to you on a very specific date. Our shipping page has all the information. So please read our shipping page before placing your order.

 Please read our shipping page and choose the right shipping option for you.


Additional information

Choose Your Chain Colour:

All Natural, White with Natural, Grey with Natural, Pink with Natural, Blue with Natural, Sage with Natural, Blue Steel with Natural, Blush Flower with Natural, Baby Pink Flower with Natural, Waterproof Travel Bag – Small, Waterproof Travel Bag – Medium

Choose Your Clip Design:

Plain Wood, Personalized Script Font, Personalized Script font with heart, Personalized Script Font with arrow, Personalized Script font with leaves, Personalised Classic Font, Personalized Classic font with heart, Personalized Classic Font with arrow, Personalized Classic font with leaves, Fox, Cloud, Heart, Bird, Cross, Rainbow, Feather, Tree leaves, Bear, Waterproof Travel Bag – Small, Waterproof Travel Bag – Medium


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