Filibabba Moments Dummies (2 Pack)

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Denmark have done it again! Moments dummies, created by Filibabba, another Denmark genius, are super stylish and have a few amazing features!

These dummies are loved by babies worldwide. They come in a range of stylish colors and have a symmetrical silicone teat shaped perfectly for each age group. As the teat is made of silicone, it wont distort or expand with use. The dummies not only look great, but they also come with a plastic case that can be used for storage and to also sterilize the dummies in! Yep, You read that correctly. You can sterilize them in their storage container!

Each pack contains 2 dummies of the same colour and size.

Size 0-6 months – suitable for newborns-6 months old.

size 6 months + – suitable for babies age 6 months and older.

We also have a range of dummy chains that will compliment the colour of your Moments dummy.

Please choose your dummies carefully as unfortunately we can’t offer a return for hygienic reasons, even if the pack has been unopened.

Dummies come with packaging and instructions for use as per Australian safety standards. Please read this information carefully and retain it for future reference.

When you receive your dummies, please sterilize them by following the detailed instructions in the packaging.

Moments dummies have been independently laboratory tested to ensure they meet Australian and European safety standards. (AS2432-1991 & DIN EN 1400).

Prices shown are inclusive of 10% GST effective as of Midnight, 1st January 2021

Waterproof Travel Bag

Our waterproof travel bags are brilliant for storing your Filibabba Moments Dummies and dummy chains and anything else you want to put in it for when your out and about.

Our bags come in two sizes, small and medium, allowing you to store anything essential for your nappy bag that you want to keep separate or clean.

Waterproof PUL material lines each bag so you can also store damp products.

The small bag is bag is approximately 19cm x 14cm with one zipper.

The medium travel bag is approximately 20cm x 25cm, with two pockets with zippers so you can keep things separated if needed.  You can hang the bag from your pram or carry it with ease with the inclusion of a handle on this size bag.

Our waterproof travel bags are both the perfect size for you to carry, store them in your nappy bag, back pack, or under the pram.

 It is available in stylish and gender neutral black, perfect for him and her.  The colours will not run when machine washed with your regular washing. Air dry only, do not dry in dryer or in hot sun as this can damage the waterproof lining.

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Additional information

Select your colour and size

0-6 Months – White, 0-6 Months – Dusty Rose, 0-6 Months – Lavender, 0-6 Months – Powder Blue, 0-6 Months – Dark Blue, 0-6 Months – Soft Sage, 0-6 Months – Light Grey, 0-6 Months – Dark Grey, 0-6 Months – Light Beige, 0-6 Months – Black, 0-6 Months – Olive Green, 0-6 Months – Golden Mustard, 6 Months+ – White, 6 Months+ – Dusty Rose, 6 Months+ – Lavender, 6 Months+ – Powder Blue, 6 Months+ – Dark Blue, 6 Months+ – Soft Sage, 6 Months+ – Light Grey, 6 Months+ – Dark Grey, 6 Months+ – Light Beige, 6 Months+ – Black, 6 Months+ – Olive Green, 6 Months+ – Golden Mustard, Small Waterproof Travel Bag, Medium Waterproof Travel Bag

2 reviews for Filibabba Moments Dummies (2 Pack)

  1. Amber (verified owner)

    Amazing dummies and received within 2 days of offering with Aus post !!! Great service and products highly recommend

  2. Sam (verified owner)

    My son absolutely loves these dummies! The pastel colours are so beautiful and simple and we love them!

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