About Our Little Helpers

Our Little Helpers was born 5 months after our first child, Ollie. While on maternity leave from my day job as a nurse, I made my newborn son a dummy clip. His dummy was always falling out of his mouth and I was constantly picking it up and washing it. All the other clips on the market and in shops were too bulky or looked horrible, so I came up with a new design! Soon friends began requesting the dummy clips for their baby boys and baby girls, and the business took off.

As well as offering dummy clips with gorgoues designs or personalised with names, we also hand make unisex suspenders for the dapper babes or the kids and parents who want to add some fun and style to any outfit. These are also great for First Birthday parties, cakes smash photos and weddings!

The most recent addition to our products came along with the arrival of our little girl, Evie. With two kids wearing nappies, the waste we were producing was huge. We also learnt nappies can take about 500 years to break down! So we gave Modern Cloth Nappies a try, and discovered they weren’t as much work as we thought. A range of these as well as other enviromental savers including our silicone keep cup / reusable coffee cup is now available to help the planet. Every little bit counts right!?

So thats a little bit about us. We are parents and we know what’s helpful when you first have a baby. As our children grow the products we find useful will grow too. Our small selection of little helpers are a time saver, some fun, some educational, all a practical way to make caring for your little one, that little bit easier.