BIBS Dummies! Everything you need to know!

BIBS dummies are by far the best looking dummies on the market! Mums and babies can’t get enough of them!

They come in the biggest variety of colours to suit every outfit and the natural rubber teat is the perfect choice for breast fed and bottled fed babies. Here at Our Little Helpers, we sell hundreds of these dummies each week and were among the first baby stores to sell BIBS dummies in Australia. We receive a tonne of emails from parents and other baby stores asking for all info related to these super popular baby must haves so we thought we’d put together a blog post to help answer all of your questions and give you all the information we have at hand about the amazing BIBS dummies.

What is so great about these dummies?

Wow where do I start with this question!? The number one thing that makes BIBS dummies stand out from the pack is the cherry teat made from natural rubber and the shape of the lightweight plastic shield.

The cherry shaped nipple and lightweight shield is designed to imitate the shape of a mother’s breast.

Midwives recommend BIBS dummies to support natural breastfeeding – as both the specific length and shape of BIBS dummy gives the baby the correct sucking technique at the breast.

The round lightweight shield faces away from the baby’s face to facilitate a supply of air to the sensitive skin around your baby’s mouth. As mums, we all know how challenging breast feeding can be, so this design is perfect to ensure there’s no issues with nipple confusion!

Another great thing about these dummies is the colour range! They come in a HUGE variety of colours so they can suit any outfit. The solid colours are a modern colour palate, not tacky or covered in ridiculous animal prints. They’re a dummy designed for the parents, as well as the baby.

My baby hasn’t liked any other dummy, will they like this one?

There is never a guarantee a baby will take a certain brand or shape or style of dummy. While BIBS have done everything possible to create a dummy that is best suited to a newborn baby, there’s a chance your baby may prefer a different teat/nipple shape or plastic shield shape.

Here at Our Little Helpers, we like to live up to our company’s ethos and want to help parents as much as we can, so we offer a few types of dummies to purchase. Each brand has a different teat shape and shield shape, so if your baby doesn’t like one, there’s a chance they will prefer the other.

What size is best for my baby?

BIBS dummies come in size 1, 2 and 3. It’s always important to choose the size that suits your baby’s age. I know of some people using a larger dummy in a newborns mouth because they think it will “stay in better”. A dummy should not be used in this way. It is not safe and can even cause damage to their palate and mouth shape.

Each size and shape of the teat/nipple is designed to suit your baby’s mouth at different ages. Your baby’s mouth size and shape changes as they age, so its therefore always recommended to follow the age guidelines. Here is a little rundown of each size below:

 Size 1Size 2Size 3
Baby Age0-6 months6-18 months18 months +
Teat LengthApprox. 2.6cmApprox. 3cmApprox. 3.2 cm
Cherry Teat widthApprox. 1.5cmApprox. 1.5cmApprox. 2cm  
Shield DiameterApprox 4.2 cmApprox 4.2 cmApprox 4.2 cm
BIBS Dummies, Size 1, size 2, size 3
BIBS Dummies, Size 1, size 2, size 3

For more detailed information regarding different sizes and styles, please refer to our information here:

How often should I replace them?

It’s recommended to replace them every 4-6 weeks.

This is standard hygiene practice for any brand of dummy. As BIBS dummies are made of natural rubber, you will see it changing shape or the cherry teat section will increase in size if you exceed the recommended use time or if one dummy is used excessively.

 Its always a good Idea to rotate your dummies so you don’t just use the same one for their big night sleep and the same one for their day naps. By having a few in rotation, you will get the maximum use time from them. Having a spare un-used one will also allow you to see if your older ones are changing shape.

 If you’re approaching the maximum use time and / or you notice any changes in the teat size, its time to swap it for a new one. Not only will you have peace of mind that the teat is safe and hygienic, but your baby will also transition to the new same sized dummy easily.

Here are some over used dummies.

BIBS Dummies, Size 1, size 2, size 3
Over used Size 2 dummy vs new size 2 dummy
BIBS Dummies, Size 1, size 2, size 3
New size 1 dummy vs overused size 1 dummy

I bought a new dummy and its smaller than my current one. Why?

I think the above explanation explains this none.

Often we receive emails from parents saying we have sent the incorrect size, and their baby wont take the dummy. They send a photo showing the difference between the old and new dummies. Instantly I can see its been over-used.

It is easy to lose track of when dummies need replacing, so it’s a great idea to put a reminder in your phone for 4 weeks after you open your pack, so you have time to order more in the size your baby will need before they reach their maximum use time.

All of the BIBS dummies come pre packaged in their correct size pack, with the size clearly labelled. Always check you have the size you have ordered before you open the pack.

There is water in the teat after I sterilize it. Is this normal?

BIBS dummies, like most dummies have a ‘vented’ teat. This means water will get into the teat when sterilized. To remove any water, simply squeeze the teat to remove it.

Teats are vented so dummies aren’t popped like a balloon if your baby sucks too hard or if they bite it as they start to get teeth. Before BIBS dummies, there was a well-known cherry teat dummy being sold that was air filled and not vented.

These dummies were notorious for popping from a little bite and they were instantly unsafe and rendered useless. Vented dummies are a much better option to avoid this.

Why are the dummies sold in a box of two of the same colours? Why can’t I mix and match the colours?

When BIBS first sold their dummies, they were able to be mixed and matched with different colours and sizes. BIBS have now streamlined the way the dummies are sold in Australia. Currently they are available as two packs of the same colour and size.

If you want to achieve a rainbow of colours without having to buy two of every colour, a great idea is to team up with a friend from your mothers’ group and share a colour from each box you buy.

Just be sure to retain the batch number and expiry date information.

Where can I buy BIBS Dummies from?

Right here at Our Little Helpers, we are all about creating safe and beautiful baby products. We started creating safe dummy chains first, and now we also stock safe teething toys. In addition we sell silicone bibs and dinner ware, high chair covers and accessories and of course, BIBS dummies!