How long will it take to receive my order?

Please read Our Shipping Information before you purchase. Click here. http://ourlittlehelpers.com.au/shipping/

Do you make orders upon request/custom orders?

Yes we can do this! Just email us your request and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Will the Toy saver/Sophie Giraffe Harness fit my imitation Sophie?

The harness is handmade and tested to fit Sophie Giraffe measuring 18cm tall from head to toe, and 8cm wide from chest to tail. Please measure your authentic or imitation Sophie Giraffe to ensure the product will fit.

How do I apply the toy saver as Sophie’s harness?

Once you receive the toy saver/harness, follow these pictorial instructions:










Try to limit the amount of times you remove and apply the harness to prevent excessive wear and tear.

Are Dummy clips safe?

All of our Dummy clips are made to adhere to the Australian Safety standards and policy guidelines with reference to EN 12586:2007 + A1:2011 child use and care articles – soother holder – safety requirements and test methods:

5.1.6 length
5.2.1 impact resistance
5.2.2 durability
5.2.3 tensile strength
And the additional one: Attachment – with reference to our Bamboo Button Clips- which again comes under the tensile strength section.
With all of this said, we still recommend detailed safety and care instructions, above the standard recommendations.
Please read the care and safety section on our website before purchase. Click here. http://ourlittlehelpers.com.au/safety-and-care/

Can I use the Toy Saver and Sophie Harness as a dummy clip?

No. Dummy clips must meet Australian standards and be of certain length (22cm or less). The toy savers are longer than this (approx 30-35cm)

Can I use the Dummy Clip as a Toy saver and Sophie Harness?

You can use it as a toy saver but it will be very short and may not be as functional as our toy savers. It cannot be used as a ‘Sophie harness’ as its not designed to fit the giraffe.

What If I receive a faulty or defective product?

All products have been tested to ensure they are intact and functional prior to being sent. If you have any concerns, please contact us immediately and we will seek a solution. Please note all products are susceptible to regular wear and tear with use, and are not designed to last forever. If any part of a product wears out or becomes damaged, please discard it immediately.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions, concerns or if you are interested in a particular product we do not stock.