How long will it take to receive my order?

Please read Our Shipping Information before you purchase. Click here. http://ourlittlehelpers.com.au/shipping/

Do you make orders upon request/custom orders?

Yes we can do this! Just email us your request and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Are Dummy clips safe?

Unfortunately not. There are so many small businesses popping up selling dummy clips that they have made or purchased in bulk from china that contain inferior quality hardware. They may also not be made to meet DIN EN 12586 standards, or they may think they are made to meet these standards but have not undergone official laboratory testing to ensure the dummy chain and all of its components pass the strict and rigorous test methods. This is extremely concerning as all of these are a choking or suffocation hazard for babies and small children. The stores who make these are risking your baby’s life and also risk hefty fines if found to be making them without being tested.If you choose to purchase from another store, ask to see their certificate of compliance and laboratory test results. If they have had this done as they state they have, they should have no problem showing you this.

Fortunately, ours are safe and have passed the tests! All of our Dummy clips are made to adhere to the Australian Safety standards and policy guidelines with reference to EN 12586:2007 + A1:2011 child use and care articles – soother holder – safety requirements and test methods. We worked really hard to ensure our completed product and its components passed all the tests. Your baby’s safety is our number one priority, so rest assure when you buy one of our dummy chains, your buying a safe, high quality product.

We are more than happy to forward you a copy of our test results and certificates of compliance. The test results show it has passed all required areas as shown below.

5.1.6 length
5.2.1 impact resistance
5.2.2 durability
5.2.3 tensile strength
And the additional one: Attachment – with reference to our Bamboo Button Clips- which again comes under the tensile strength section.
With all of this said, we still recommend detailed safety and care instructions, above the standard recommendations.
Please read the care and safety section on our website before purchase. Click here. http://ourlittlehelpers.com.au/safety-and-care/

Can I use the Dummy Clip as a Toy Clip?

No. Dummy clips are not designed to be a toy clip. Toy clips need to be made and tested under different laboratory conditions as they are classed as a toy. Please for your baby’s safety just use the dummy clip for dummies. Using it in any other way may result in harm to your baby.

What If I receive a faulty or defective product?

All products have been checked to ensure they are intact and functional prior to being sent. Our products are packaged to ensure they are not damaged when posted. If for some reason your package has been damaged or your product is immediately faulty or if you have any other concerns, please contact us immediately and we will seek a solution. Please note all products are susceptible to regular wear and tear with use, and are not designed to last forever. If any part of a product wears out or becomes damaged, please discard it immediately.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions, concerns or if you are interested in a particular product we do not stock.