Silicone bibs, bowls, plates, and Ikea Highchair accessories

We offer the best Silicone Bibs, bowls, plates and place-mats!

As well as a beautiful selection of highchair foot rests, cushions and cushion covers suitable for your basic Ikea, Kmart & Target brand of highchair.

Meal times with your baby and toddler have never been simpler!

There’s no point adding any extra work to your day! Our silicone range help protect your baby’s clothing and highchair and will make serving their first foods and favorite meals as they grow an absolute breeze.

Silicone dinner wear can be washed in the dishwasher for an easy clean up! Bowls and plates can also be microwaved, oven baked and put in the freezer, so preparing meals and storing them is simple,

High chair foot posture is super important for your baby. Ensure they have the correct cushion behind them, and adjustable foot rest to keep them sitting perfectly. They will then focus all of their energy on eating!

Shop our Meal time range below, and if you need any advice, please reach out. After all, we are here to help!

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  • BIBS Glass Baby Bottle - Cloud 110mls

    Glass Baby Bottles By BIBS

    Sale! $11.99$36.99
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  • Highchair Cushion cover -Australian Eucalyptus +sage

    IKEA Highchair Cushion Cover

    Sale! $11.00$54.95
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  • IKEA highchair Bamboo Footrest and Bamboo Leg Wraps

    IKEA Highchair Foot Rests

    Sale! $20.00$45.00
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  • Wipable Vegan Leather Cushion Cover

    IKEA Highchair Cushion Cover – Vegan Leather Range

    Sale! $11.00$60.00
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  • IKEA high chair silicone placemat

    IKEA Highchair Silicone Placemat

    Sale! $29.95
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  • Restaurant Travel Bag

    Restaurant Travel Bag

    Sale! $16.95$40.00
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  • Silicone Plates

    Sale! $5.50$21.95
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  • Silicone Bibs

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  • Silicone Bowl Set – Wild Indiana

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  • Mini Drink Bottles / Thermies

    Drink Bottles / Thermies

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  • Reusable Coffee Cup

    Sale! $5.50$8.80
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Showing all 11 results