Silicone bibs, bowls, plates, and Ikea Highchair accessories

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  • Glass Baby Bottle BIBS Complete Set- Sage 110mls

    Glass Baby Bottles By BIBS

    Sale! $11.99$36.99
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  • Australian Eucalyptus Ikea Highchair cushion cover- Desert Sage Placemat

    IKEA Highchair Cushion Cover

    Sale! $11.00$54.95
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  • IKEA highchair Bamboo Footrest and Bamboo Leg Wraps

    IKEA Highchair Foot Rests

    Sale! $20.00$45.00
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  • Wipable Vegan Leather Cushion Cover

    IKEA Highchair Cushion Cover – Vegan Leather Range

    Sale! $11.00$60.00
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  • Mini Drink Bottles / Thermies

    Drink Bottles / Thermies

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  • IKEA high chair silicone placemat

    IKEA Highchair Silicone Placemat

    Sale! $29.95
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  • Restaurant Travel Bag

    Restaurant Travel Bag

    Sale! $16.95$40.00
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  • Silicone Plate

    Silicone Plates

    Sale! $5.50$34.95
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  • Silicone Bibs

    Silicone Bibs

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  • Silicone suction bowl for starting solids

    Silicone Bowl Set – Wild Indiana

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  • Silicone Coffee Cup

    Reusable Coffee Cup

    Sale! $5.50$8.80
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  • Personalised Christmas Decorations

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Showing all 12 results