Baby wraps and Swaddles



Baby Wraps and Swaddles

Wrapping your new born snuggly, can help settle your child to sleep and encourage your baby to wake less often. The comfort provided by the warmth and light pressure of wrapping your child, can mimic the sensation of being snuggly in the womb. This can bring a sense of safety and comfort to your child and aid in soothing them.

Our Snuggle Hunny Wraps come in two styles which are Jersey and Organic Muslin.

Jersey wraps

Jersey wraps provide all the benefits of wrapping your child with stretch for a little extra snuggle.

Warm enough to provide comfort but light enough to not over heat your child, a baby jersey wrap can help your baby feel secure while sleeping.

Above all, our jersey wraps are made from 100% quality cotton jersey and printed in a range of unique colours and prints exclusive to Snuggle Hunny Kids. Our jersey wraps are 100cm x 100cm and come with matching head wear.

Organic Muslin wraps

Organic Muslin wraps are light weight, breathable and easy to use. Snuggle Hunny Kids’ organic muslin wraps are stylish, on trend and… super soft and gentle on baby’s skin.

A large 120cm x 120cm size, this multi use muslin wrap can be used as a swaddle wrap, lightweight blanket, pram blanket, pram cover, baby comforter, nursing shield or change mat.

Both wrap styles are ideal for wrapping your baby in a swaddle, using as a blanket for the cot/bassinet, a cover over the pram when out and about, a nursing shield or as a snuggly blankie.

Jersey and Muslin wraps are versatile, durable and one of the most used items in the life of a newborn.

A baby wrap would therefore make the perfect gift for a new baby or an expecting mum.

Baby wraps by Snuggle Hunny Kids are machine washable, on a cold gentle cycle, and require no ironing.

Choose from our range of beautiful colours and designs shown in the images.

Prices shown are inclusive of 10% GST effective as of Midnight, 1st January 2021

We also sell matching milestone cards in addition! You can shop for them in the link below:

All of our Wraps and milestone cards are ready to post!

Please read and note the mail out date for these on our shipping page before placing your order.

For lots of great information on how to safely swaddle your baby, check out the information here:

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Daisy – Baby Jersey Wrap & Topknot Set, Blush Jewel – Baby Jersey Wrap & Topknot Set, Sunset Rainbow – Baby Jersey Wrap & Beanie Set, Cloud Chaser – Baby Jersey Wrap & Beanie Set, Indigo Blue – Baby Jersey Wrap & Beanie Set, Australiana – Organic Muslin Wrap, Poppy – Organic Muslin Wrap, Rainbow Baby – Organic Muslin Wrap, Evergreen – Organic Muslin Wrap, Arizona – Organic Muslin Wrap, Olive Green – Organic Muslin Wrap, Musk Pink – Organic Muslin Wrap, Waterproof Travel Bag – Small, Waterproof Travel Bag – Medium


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