Bow and headband holders By T-Leaf Collections



Bow and headband holders

By T-Leaf Collections

If you’re looking for a way to store your little ones bow and heads band collection, then these beautiful bow and headband holders made by T-Leaf Collections have got you covered!

Keep all of her bows and head bands in order and safe from damage and create a beautiful display on her wall. The simple design of these bow holders allow the bows to shine and she can easily see each one to select the as the perfect addition to today’s outfit. Just as easily, each bow can be replaced at the end of the day to keep it safe from damage between wears. Simply choose a colour and style that complements her bedroom decor and you can organize each and every bow while adding a touch of style to her room.

Please read the description of each bow holder before you make your selection:

Bow Holder Options:

Bow Plaque –

This is 24 cm in diameter and  holds up to 56 headband, or a combination of headbands in the center & hair clips around the outer edge. To keep your Bow Plaque display tidy, we suggest popping the bottom rows of headbands up underneath the elastic in the middle so that they don’t hang down. This keeps them hidden and your bow display beautiful and neat. This is available in Grey Acrylic or Ply wood.

Bow Wreath –

This is 24cm in diameter and holds a minimum of 38 bows. Either clip on her hair clips or thread on her headbands, and place the wreath over a wall hook for a beautiful storage solution for her bow collection. This wreath comes with a pastel floral printed on clear acrylic. No hooks or materials to hang it are included.

Trio Bow Drop –

If you have heaps of bows to store then this one is for you! The 3 leather chains combined are a length of 126cm, with decorative floral roses at the bottom. The word “Bows”is etched in the plywood.

Hair Accessory Bow Drop –

This is a great holder to store both headbands and clips with ease. The leather chain is 60cm long and holds a stack of bows, plus you can add headbands to the sides. The word “Bows” is etched in the sustainable plywood.

Elegant Bow Drop –

This is a simple but elegant design to hold her collection of bows on the 60cm leather chain. The end is finished with a round piece of plywood with a bow cut out. Her bows will be the hero pieces on this one.

She’s a wild flower Bow Drop – 

Like the other bow drop, this has a 60cm leather chain to store her bows. The difference with this one is the saying printed on the wood, “She is like a wildflower. Beautiful, fierce and free.” A perfect decor piece for any little girl!

These are decorative items, not a toy. Please hang this out of reach of children under the age of 3. They contains fragile and decorative parts that may break or become a chocking hazard if broken.

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About the Makers:

Taleah, Philippe & Leo - T-Leaf Colloections
Taleah, Philippe & Leo

Taleah is the woman behind the T-Leaf designs and brand. She began her business and creative  journey back in 2014. Soon followed her  Memory drop design, and an array personalised and unique gifts for your loved ones. In 2018 their family, Taleah and her husband Philippe welcomed little Leo, and this year in 2020, baby Lilette was born still, the day after her due date. This was and continues to be incredibly heartbreaking for their beautiful family. With Philippe now also working in the business,  together they continue to enjoy every opportunity to flex their creative muscles and make all of their dreams of new products a reality. They are also welcoming a little bundle of joy to their family in 2021.

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Bow Plaque – Grey Acrylic, Bow Plaque- Plywood, Bow Wreath – Clear Acrylic with pastel Flowers, Trio Bow Drop, Hair accessory Bow Drop, Elegant Bow Drop, She's a Wildflower Bow Drop


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