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For us Aussies, they may have an unusual name, but they are super cute! FRIGG dummies have arrived in Australia! We welcome another sensational product from Denmark. We have selected all of your favorite colours and styles and offer them in all sizes!

These dummies are sold as a single dummy! One of the best parts about these dummies is you can choose to buy one, or as many as you like in varying sizes, colours and teet styles. We have them available in natural rubber in two sizes:

Size 1 suitable for newborns-6 months

size 2 suitable for 6 months-18 months

We also have a range of dummy chains that will match and compliment the colour of your FRIGG dummy. If you are unsure of the colour to match with your dummy chain, email us prior to placing your order.

FRIGG Dummies have either a 100% natural rubber teat. They’re also 100% BPA, PVC & Phthalates free. Babies love the cherry teat design as it mimics a mothers breast, an ideal shape for breast-feeding mothers.

FRIGG dummies have been independently laboratory tested to ensure they meet Australian and European safety standards. (AS2432-1991 & DIN EN 1400). Each FRIGG pacifier is produced with a stretch and vacuum test, and is marked with batch number and size

FRIGG means “beloved” in Old Norse, ultimately derived from Indo-European *pri for “to love.” In Norse mythology, Frigg was the goddess of earth, air, and fertility and the wife of Odin.

Please choose your dummies carefully as unfortunately we can’t offer a return for hygienic reasons, even if the package is unopened.

When you receive your dummies, please sterilize them according to the instructions included in the pack.

We try to give you as much information as possible to help you with your decisions. Here’s a little more info about BIBS dummies, which also relates to the natural rubber FRIGG dummies.

Furthermore, here is some helpful information about dummies and dummy clips:

Want to purchase a dummy clip too? Here’s why you should choose ours:

Prices shown are inclusive of 10% GST effective as of Midnight, 1st January 2021

Waterproof Travel Bags

Our waterproof travel bags are brilliant for storing your FRIGG Dummies and dummy chains and anything else you want to put in it for when your out and about.

Our bags come in two sizes, small and medium, allowing you to store anything essential for your nappy bag that you want to keep separate or clean.

Waterproof PUL material lines each bag so you can also store damp products.

The small bag is bag is approximately 19cm x 14cm with one zipper.

The medium travel bag is approximately 20cm x 25cm, with two pockets with zippers so you can keep things separated if needed.  You can hang the bag from your pram or carry it with ease with the inclusion of a handle on this size bag.

Our waterproof travel bags are both the perfect size for you to carry, store them in your nappy bag, back pack, or under the pram.

 It is available in stylish and gender neutral black, perfect for him and her.  The colours will not run when machine washed with your regular washing. Air dry only, do not dry in dryer or in hot sun as this can damage the waterproof lining.

Additional information

Choose Your Size:

Size 1 (0-6 months old), Size 2 (6-18 months old), Waterproof Storage Bag – Small, Waterproof Storage Bag – Medium

Choose Your colour:

Daisy – Dusty Rose, Daisy – Blush, Daisy – Soft Lilac, Daisy – Cream, Daisy – Croissant, Daisy – French Gray, Daisy – Lily Pad, Daisy – Honey, Waterproof Storage Bag – Small, Waterproof Storage Bag – Medium


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