Silicone Bowl Set – Wild Indiana




Silicone Bowl Set – Wild Indiana

Starting Solids? It’s now made easier with these silicone bowls!

Our purposefully designed SILICONE BOWL SET is perfect for this new and exciting milestone.

– It has a suction capped bowl base – so you don’t wear the food mama!

It comes with a full Silicone spoon that clips in to the bowl! Perfect for travel or just ease of storage! I know genius right. This is all dishwasher safe!

– The bowl and spoon are shaped with purpose to help your little one learn to feed themselves

– It has rounded sides that help get all those last bits of food, that you tirelessly prepared.

– Completely BPA free, FDA approved silicone.

– No ‘take apart components’ that can go mouldy – eww!

– Microwave and dishwasher safe – who has time for hand washing anyway?

Told you we’ve got your back mama! 
We’ve thought all the details through so you don’t have to!
Make starting solids easy! 

The set includes, 1 silicone bowl and 1 silicone spoon

Your choice of Blush or Duck Egg Blue & Limited Edition Jett Grey

We know you’ve got enough on your plate mama, so ease your mind knowing that when you buy products made by from Wild Indiana and sold by us here at Our Little Helpers, above all, you buy quality that will last!

product that meets Australian safety standards. In short, leave the safety of your little ones up to us.


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Please read and note the mail out date for these on our shipping page before placing your order.


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Select Your Colour

Blush Bowl and Spoon, Duck Egg Blue Bowl and Spoon, Lemonade Bowl and Spoon, Jett Grey Bowl and Spoon


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