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Wholesale Baby Products

Welcome to Our Little Helpers Wholesale baby products! We offer a variety of our best selling little helpers for wholesale. Below you’ll find the products we have on offer. If you’re interested in our range, please email us to discuss how you can become an authorized stockist.

When you place your wholesale baby products order, don’t forget to follow the instructions we emailed you. Please be sure to follow the MOQ’s and choose wholesale shipping at checkout.

Prices shown are the RRP, your discount will be applied at checkout. You may choose to sell above the RRP but you must not sell below RRP. See the pictures for the wholesale range we offer.

You can use any pictures and information provided throughout our website. We have added links directly back to products on our website so you can obtain all the relevant information to share on your own website. Please make sure you read the information carefully.

All products come with suitable packaging for beautiful display in stores, plus it contains all of the important care and safety information. Products must be sold with this packaging.

Prices shown are inclusive of 10% GST effective as of Midnight, 1st January 2021

Dummy Chains

All of our dummy chains have been laboratory tested to ensure they are safe for your baby. Our completed dummy clips and completed dummy chains have passed the strict testing and have passed. So you can feel confident knowing you are purchasing a safe dummy chain from us.

Also, our dummy chains are hand made in Australia, by myself and our growing team.

Our dummy chains come in a variety of chain styles and colours. We also offer a range of clip designs that you can choose  to add any of the chains available. We’ve chosen the most popular ones, but if you see something else in our store that you’d like, let us know and we may be able to offer it at wholesale prices.

We can create personalised clips with your own design or company logo, but we do not offer baby names or letters of the alphabet at wholesale prices. Email us to discuss this option before you order.

Our chains come in the following styles:

Petite beads and Chunky beads- see more information about these here: https://ourlittlehelpers.com.au/shop/bead-dummy-clips-personalised-dummy-chains/

Faux Leather – see more information about thee here: https://ourlittlehelpers.com.au/shop/faux-leather-dummy-clips/

Cotton – see more information about thee here: https://ourlittlehelpers.com.au/shop/cotton-dummy-clips/

You can add a wooden clip with the design of a rainbow, fox, heart, feather, tree leaves, bear, cross, cloud, bird or a plain wooden clip.

Teething Toys

Our personalised teething toys are the sweetest must have items for your teething baby. Importantly, we have tested our teething toys independently in a laboratory.  Our teethers are non toxic and safe to chew.

You can choose to personalise your teething toy with a letter or one of our sweet designs as shown in the pictures. Each teething ring has been perfectly hand made with safety as our number one priority.

All of our personalised teething toys have been independently laboratory tested to ensure they meet Australian Safety standards AS/NZS ISO 8124-1:2002.

You can add a wooden bead with the design of a rainbow, fox, heart, feather, tree leaves, bear, cross, cloud, bird or a plain wooden clip.

Get more details about our teething toys here: https://ourlittlehelpers.com.au/shop/personalised-teething-toys/

Silicone Bibs

Our  beautiful range of silicone bibs come in a large variety of colours, that compliment our range of baby dummy chains and BIBS dummies, silicone divided plates and baby’s clothes.

Our silicone bibs are made from food grade silicone that is super soft but durable.

There is a deep and wide catchment area for food and drinks therefore less mess on their clothes!

4 buttons and strengthened button holes, therefore adjustable and are not going to tear.

Get more details about our silicone bibs here: https://ourlittlehelpers.com.au/shop/silicone-bibs/

Silicone Plates

New to Our Little Helpers are our Silicone Plates with divided raised edges, making meal times even easier for growing little ones! Now you can separate food into the bowl like sections, also a handy option for fussy eaters. The sections within the plate allows you to add liquid foods like yogurt or spaghetti sauce next to solids. Snacks and meals are therefore easy to put together all on the one plate.

Clean up is easy, it can be washed in the dishwasher or hand washed and air dried. It is microwave, oven and freezer safe, so cooking and storage of food is a breeze.

The plate is made from durable food grade silicone that is BPA free and FDA approved. A plate designed to last for the years to come!

Plate size is 20cm in diameter and 3cm thick and comes in five colours shown in the pictures attached. The bottom has a reinforced base that provides a sturdy structure ensuring the plate wont bend when carried full of food. Silicone material adds grip to the plate, which helps it to not move around as much as a regular plastic or ceramic plate, perfect for little eaters.

Get more details about our silicone plates here: https://ourlittlehelpers.com.au/shop/silicone-plate/

BIBS Dummies

We do not offer wholesale of BIBS dummies.

Additional information

Choose your Product:

Dummy Chain – Petite Beads – Natural, Dummy Chain – Petite Beads – White with Natural, Dummy Chain – Petite Beads – Pink with Natural, Dummy Chain – Petite Beads – Blue with Natural, Dummy Chain – Petite Beads – Grey with Natural, Dummy Chain – Petite Beads – Blush with flower, Dummy Chain – Chunky Beads – Natural, Dummy Chain – Chunky Beads – White, Dummy Chain – Chunky Beads – Grey, Dummy Chain – Chunky Beads – Pink, Dummy Chain – Chunky Beads – Blue, Dummy Chain – Chunky Beads – Blush, Dummy Chain – Wide Cotton – Blush, Dummy Chain – Wide Cotton – Navy Blue, Dummy Chain – Wide Cotton – Grey with white snaps, Dummy Chain – Wide Cotton – Beige, Dummy Chain – Petite Cotton – Blush, Dummy Chain – Petite Cotton – Navy Blue, Dummy Chain – Petite Cotton – Grey, Dummy Chain – Petite Cotton – Beige, Dummy Chain -Faux Leather – Ivory, Dummy Chain -Faux Leather – Beige, Dummy Chain -Faux Leather – Ash grey, Teething Toy – Pink, Teething Toy – Blue, Teething Toy – White, Teething Toy – Grey, Teething Toy – Blush, Silicone Bib, Silicone Plate, BIBS DUMMY Size 1 (0-6 months old), BIBS DUMMY Size 2 (6-12 months old), BIBS DUMMY Size 3 (age 18 months +)

Choose a design or colour that pairs with your first choice:

Dummy Clip & Teething Toy – Fox, Dummy Clip & Teething Toy – Rainbow, Dummy Clip & Teething Toy – Heart, Dummy Clip & Teething Toy – Bird, Dummy Clip & Teething Toy – Cross, Dummy Clip & Teething Toy – Cloud, Dummy Clip & Teething Toy – Feather, Dummy Clip & Teething Toy – Tree Leaves, Dummy Clip & Teething Toy – Bear, Dummy Clip & Teething Toy – Plain Wood, Silicone Bib – Blue Steel, Silicone Bib – Sage Green, Silicone Bib – Beige, Silicone Bib – Coffee, Silicone Bib – Pebble Grey, Silicone Bib – Smoke Grey, Silicone Bib – Baby Blue, Silicone Bib – Denim, Silicone Bib – Blush, Silicone Bib – Baby Pink, Silicone Bib – Fuchsia Pink, Silicone Bib – Lilac, Silicone Bib – Khaki, Silicone Bib – Mustard, Silicone Bib – Navy Blue, Silicone Plate – Coral Pink, Silicone Plate – Blue Steel, Silicone Plate – Sage Green, Silicone Plate – Charcoal Grey, Silicone Plate – Blush, BIBS DUMMY Colours Pebble + Iron, BIBS DUMMY Colours Ivory + Blush, BIBS DUMMY Colours White + Baby Blue, BIBS DUMMY Colours Sage + Cloud, BIBS DUMMY Colours Ivory + Blue Steel, BIBS DUMMY Colours Blush + Blush, BIBS DUMMY Colours Vanilla + Vanilla, BIBS DUMMY Colours Ivory + Ivory, BIBS DUMMY Colours White + White, BIBS DUMMY Colours Pebble + Pebble, BIBS DUMMY Colours Smoke + Smoke, BIBS DUMMY Colours Lilac + Lilac, BIBS DUMMY Colours Baby Pink + Baby Pink, BIBS DUMMY Colours Coral + Coral, BIBS DUMMY Colours Baby Blue + Baby Blue, BIBS DUMMY Colours Denim + Denim, BIBS DUMMY Colours Blue Steel + Blue Steel, BIBS DUMMY Colours Deep Navy + Deep Navy, BIBS DUMMY Colours Black + Black, BIBS DUMMY Colours Khaki + Khaki, BIBS DUMMY Colours Sage + Sage, BIBS DUMMY Colours Mustard + Mustard


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