Glass Baby Bottles By BIBS



Glass Baby Bottles By BIBS

Our Glass Baby Bottle By BIBS is carefully designed for babies and parents. Your child’s needs are placed first with the use of borosilicate glass. This glass is temperature & thermal shock-resistant, durable and shatter resistant. Its surprisingly lightweight also! It can withstand freezing, microwave heating and is dishwasher safe for an easy way to sterilize.  Read more about borosilicate glass here >

Two bottle sizes available. 110mls or 225mls. Both contain a slow flow nipple.

Made of borosilicate glass which is extremely durable and heat resistant

Does not emit microplastics into the milk

Round nipple in natural rubber latex – the perfect transition for those babies who use BIBS dummies

Recommended by midwives to support natural breastfeeding

Designed with an anti-colic function

Keeping your baby safe is easy as all parts are made with food grade materials. No nasties here!

Nipple Information:

Our bottles are made of  soft natural latex rubber which mimics the shape of a mothers nipple. This shape promotes a similar tongue placement and sucking technique when your baby is breastfeeding. Since the round shape allows the sides of the tongue to elevate and cup around the nipple, just like it does during breastfeeding, this also prevents “nipple”-confusion if you are both breastfeeding and supplementing with a bottle.

With other bottles, swallowing air can be an issue, which may lead to colic.  We use anti-colic valves in the bottles nipple. This lets out air which reduces air swallowed while feeding, which may in tern reduce the incidence of colic.

There are two different nipple flows: a slow flow and a medium flow. Each bottle comes with the slow flow nipple. This is perfect for newborns as the slow flow closely mimics breastfeeding in the early stages. As your baby grows, they may prefer to get their milk a little faster through a medium flow nipple. You can swap the nipple sizes when needed. Read more about the different flows and find the right flow for your baby here >

Since natural rubber latex is a natural material, color variation may occur. Read more about our natural rubber latex here >>

Each complete set contains:

Glass bottle


1 nipple (slow flow)

Milk Lock

Screw cap

Fold-able funnel

You can also purchase additional Slow Flow and Medium flow nipples separately.

The bottle also comes with a fold-able funnel making it easy for you to fill up the bottle fast and easily with less milk/formula waste. Lastly, our baby bottle contains a milk lock for easy and hygienic storage. You can place this under the screw cap and cap. This makes it easy for you to take the bottle with you on the go, without having to worry about spilling the milk in your bag or the stroller.


Check out how to clean and sterilize your baby bottle here >>

Please choose your bottles and accessories carefully as unfortunately we can’t offer a return for hygienic reasons, even if the package is unopened.

When you receive your Glass Baby Bottle BY BIBS, please sterilize it according to the instructions included in the pack.

We try to give you as much information as possible to help you with your decisions. Here’s a little video showing the glass baby bottle by BIBS in action:

Additional information

Choose Your Bottle & Accessories:Size:

Glass Bottle 110ml Complete Kit, Glass Bottle 225ml Complete Kit, Extra Slow flow nipples (2 pack), Extra Medium Flow Nipples (2 pack)

Choose Your colour:

Ivory, Sage, Blush, Baby Blue, Cloud Grey, Extra Slow flow nipples (2 pack), Extra Medium Flow Nipples (2 pack)


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