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Our beautiful pram clips and hooks by Hooki easily attach to any pram or stroller. They provide handy extra storage for shopping bags, changing bags or all the other things you have to carry as a parent. Hooki clips offer the equivalent of a much needed extra pair of hands and they can do the heavy lifting for you. We’ve tried and tested Hookis on every pram we could get our hands on (which was a lot) and our universal design means Hookis can be used on all prams.
Designed in Melbourne, Australia, Hooki pram clips and hooks, come in a variety of stylish colours to suit your pram, with each pack containing two. Hookis are made from premium quality vegan leather with super strong velcro fastening each Hooki strap securely in place on any pram handle. Each Hooki provides additional strength with a large matte black carabiner clip that can handle 5kg with ease. They’re sturdy yet lightweight. These luxurious yet functional pram clips are the reliable extra pair of hands every parent needs.

Whether you’re off on an adventure or simply a trip to the shops (which is also quite the adventure), lock and load your Hookis and you’ll be asking the same thing.

For all prams and strollers – Universal Fit.

Tried and tested on Australia’s most popular Pram & Strollers, Hookis are adaptable and fit all handles.
They’re gentle on your pram, they won’t scratch or damage your pram handle and don’t wiggle about.

Hook on. Hook off.

Easily attach your Hooki to your pram or stroller using our super strong velcro.
Fasten these little guys on tight and they won’t budge. No slipping and sliding. Easy to whip open and relocate quicker than you can say Hooki.
We’ve tried and tested our universal fitting and adjustable Hookis on Australia’s favourite prams & strollers. If your pram has a handle, our Hookis will fit.


Remove items from the hook before removing your child from the pram or stroller. Do not overload the hooks as it may cause your pram or stroller to tip over.

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Black – 2 Pack, Ivory – 2 Pack, Grey – 2 Pack, Tan – 2 Pack, Mauve – 2 Pack, Blue – 2 Pack, Re-usable Silicone Coffee Cup, Waterproof Travel Bag – Medium, Waterproof Travel Bag – Small


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