Drink Bottles / Thermies


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Drink Bottles / Thermies

These amazing drink bottle/ thermies can keep liquids both warm and cold for you and your child, making them wonderfully versatile through all the stages of life of your little ones. You can use the Drink bottles thermal function to keep breast milk/formula when on the go with your baby, use it for purees (hot or cold), or cold water for your toddler or child. The bottles are compact and great for BACK TO SCHOOL too!
The drink bottles / thermies  are made of the best quality steel – 18/8 steel and has a double wall thermal function. Keeping liquids hot up to 12 hours and cold up to 24 hours.
They come in two sizes:
Mini drink bottles/ thermies – holds 350mls, 7cm x 17cm
Midi drink bottles/ thermies – holds 600mls, 7cm x 27.5cm
Each drink bottle / thermie comes with a straw lid fitted with a silicone seal ensuring an air tight seal and an easy to use carry handle, useful for attaching to a pram or bag.
Includes: Flask, Normal Straw Lid, Straw and Straw Cleaner

Colours: Honey, Bloom, Eucalyptus, Fawn
Quality: Stainless steel
This item only includes a straw lid. Stainless steel lids sold separately are sold separately and can be added to your cart when you purchase your thermie.

Did you know there are amazing benefits for children who drink using straws! Read more about it here: https://therapyworks.com/blog/language-development/skip-sippy-cup-for-straws/


The team at Beloved Child will be shipping  your product, therefore shipping times vary to our own. Please note they do NOT have an express post option, so if you are purchasing just a drink bottle from here, please choose the registered post option.

About The Maker:

Let me introduce myself, I’m Tameka, a believer, wife and mother of three and the founder of Beloved Child Co. This little business venture was created for a purpose, to provide eco-friendly and sustainable products for children, make meal times easier for parents and a means to give back to others.

Over the last 4 years I’ve become more and more passionate about eco-friendly and easy to use products. Being a mum of 3 under 4 I love products that nurture the hearts and minds of my children.

Beloved Child Team

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Mini Bottle / Thermie – Bloom, Mini Bottle / Thermie – Eucalyptus, Mini Bottle / Thermie – Fawn, Mini Bottle / Thermie – Honey, Midi Bottle / Thermie – Bloom, Midi Bottle / Thermie – Eucalyptus, Midi Bottle / Thermie – Fawn, Midi Bottle / Thermie – Honey, Midi Bottle / Thermie – Olive


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